Thursday, February 07, 2008

Message Boards

I am in a few crochet groups, and am always looking for new if anyone knows of a new one opening up or a fairly new one, let me know. I also like to check out message boards. I am on a new one that just opened in January. Its called Crochet Rocks...please check them out and join, or post the link for others. I know there are some really great message boards out there, so enough to go around. LOL if you have a favorite group or message board share them please.

Well its a nice day out, we still have some snow on the ground, not much though. its melting fast. I have just about everything switched over to my new screen name....if you would like to have the new screen name, let me know. I also found out that AOL has been making changes to their being their message boards. My mom and I preferred the old board format as did quite a bit of people....well they announced those old boards were going bye bye, and no more back doors into them would be allowed....well sure enough they changed late last night.....earlier than they said. Well that was really the only reason we changed back to a paying member of AOL. So I read up on the free AOL service and we will not lose any of our screen names....some people were telling me that you are only allowed one name....but I found out that is not true, you still have 7 email names. So today I have switched to the free AOL and was told twice I would not be "accidently" charged for this more money will come out of my account. I hope this is true, as AOL is famous for screwing up. LOL

Anyway I am off have some things I want to get done.


Caroline said...

Thanks for the tip about the crochet blogs. If you just want to email me the lovebug pattern or just send me the link; either way is fine. Thanks so much for your time!

Caroline said...
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