Sunday, February 15, 2009

Super Mario!

Well I finished this yesterday, and took pictures of him........I found this ami mario pattern here. Aiden loves the game Super Mario.........and when I saw this pattern I had to have it for him. I have made several Pokemon for AJ, and needed things to make for Aiden. Well the pattern called for brown felt for the moustache and side burns and the white emblem on his hat, but I didn't want to use them since this was for Aiden, so I just crocheted them, and used black yarn for the "M" I think it came out really cute......... and Aiden really freaked when he saw it today, his whole face lit up and he kept hugging Mario and rubbing him on his face and saying he loved it, Mario is now in "bed" sleeping!!!
This is Aiden with his Mario!!


Caroline said...

OMG!!!!! Tooooooo darling!!!! Two words: He's fabulous!!!! Great job, I bet your guy is thrilled with him.

sissie said...

now this is so cute!! windy use to love super Mario. had all the games:) I think I might have to try this pattern. you do such great work dear!


Ivory Herman said...

Well, now you will just have to make him a Luigi doll!

Dragonflymom said...

Hi and thanks ladies. Caroline yes Aiden is soo happy to have him, and Austin is showing him to everyone who steps in the house. Aiden looked so cute last night, went to cover him up during the night and he is holding tight to Mario. Sissie, the pattern was very easy. Ivory I can't find the Luigi doll, but I think I might be able to wing it with the basic pattern already. Austin said the same thing. LOL

Tina said...

That is SO cute! My boys would love that, too. You did a great job on him.