Monday, February 22, 2010

Winter Olympics

I have been watching the Olympics since they started and the Free Dance in figure skating was just awesome tonight, all the couples did a great job! Canada took Gold, USA took Silver and Russia took Bronze...way to go!! I love the Olympics and the winter is my favorite.

AJ got sent home today with head lice...EWW.....I know.........not sure where he picked them up from, I have not seen him itching, but this morning he said he could not the school actually sent 3 bottles of the shampoo home with him, so we could do everyone's hair, this was super nice of them to do...........So I stripped all the beds, and started washing them in hot AJs hair done first and found a few while combing it.........I spent 40 minutes on his hair, his hair is long had to make sure I didn't miss anything!! It went was little Aiden, who was super good for me doing it............he thought it was cool, he kept asking why it had to be done, and said because your brother had bugs in his hair, and Aiden responds with...'BUGS?"..........."why did he let them in his hair" cute huh? so I was combing his hair, and it was smooth sailing with him too, next was me, and it was not so hair is thin and long and really tangly with no conditioner, so it was not fun doing my was spraying all the furniture, beds, carpets, I didn't want to take any chances!!!

I finished the Zen Jacket and as soon as the ends are weaved in I will take a picture of it.

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Crafty Christina said...

Lice are no fun. Good luck getting it out of the house. Just a tip, lavendar is a natural lice repellent. Put a few drops of lavendar oil (15 or so) with tea tree oil (6) drops in a spray bottle with warm water. Spray that on your kiddos hair after they shower or in the morning and it should help prevent lice. My kiddo had lice when she was very little (2) and we've been using the lavendar trick ever since. She's never had a recurrence. Plus lavendar is great for your hair in general.