Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Hello December!!!

 Well My brother and nephew came into town for Thanksgiving, here is Charlie, my brother, Mr Aiden, and you can barely see my best friend there in the right side.  Decorating the tree!!!! 
 He was saying something!!!
 3 Dorks!!!  I loved this shot, Mr Aiden, Mr. AJ and Mr Dylan!!! 
 Here is my brother, Charlie, wearing his Chiefs sweatshirt.
 I wanted a good picture, but they kids wanted to be goofy, AJ looks oh so handsome in this picture.
 Charlie with Dylan.....I love this shot.
 3 Dorks again.  LOL
 Tree which was moved quite a few times.

Mr and Mrs Santa pants completed!!!

This is suppose to be a door knob hanger, but I don't really see how......I will admit I improvised the pattern a bit, and have not added the tree or reindeer yet.....the lady I am sending it to does not want them added.....she has something else she wants to add in his arms.

I also tested this pattern for a lady, this is an Evergreen Tree, and came out really cute, out of all the "tree" patterns, this one, so far, is my favorite.  Very fast and easy to make.  Here


Unknown said...

I love it all.. so exciting.. I love your crocheted Christmas tree.. :))

Nilson Nunes said...

O blog parece a casa da gente. Aqui eu me sinto em paz. Lindas fotos...