Saturday, January 28, 2012


I want to thank Elaine for this award!!!  This was very "sweet" of you! 

Here are my seven things about myself:

1. I never wanted to be a mom, until I was in my 2nd month of pregnancy and saw my precious little boy through the sonogram!!  From that moment on, it's been an amazing journey. ( I just noticed this was on Elaines list as well.)

2. I thank my oldest son, AJ for "getting" me into Crocheting.  I was pregnant with him, and was bed ridden a lot of the time, I took up crochet to learn how to make him baby blankets.  :D

3. I am annoyingly positive even when I am being negative.  I always see both sides.  When I am angry, depressed, upset, I ALWAYS think it will get better no matter how bad the situation is. 

4. I desperately would love to be able to time much so that I actually think it CAN exist!  LOL  History is so incredibly fascinating to me, and if we were able to time travel, I would visit every time in history.

5. I often say Crochet keeps me sane, and in all honesty, it truly does!!  It actually can calm me down when I am upset, which is a good thing, when I was younger getting mad would mean I would hit myself, or destroy something that belonged to me, never anything that belonged to someone else though.  So now I can crochet and it helps.

6. I really do wish my parents could live forever.......I know as children we think our parents will be around forever, and then adulthood hits and we realize that it won't happen, but sometimes I get so emotional about it, I really really wish they could.

7. Despite the ups and downs in my life, I am really really happy!  I am happy with my days, my family, and I have a good life!  It took me some time to realize that, but I am glad I was able to get to that point.  I would not change my life for anything.

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Charlotte said...


Charlotte said...

I noticed in the sidebar how you finally figured out how to make separate pages. Is there a particular post telling how? i would like to do the same. Thanks.