Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Halloween Crochet

This is Scara-Lee Witch..she took a few days to make, I will try to get a better picture of her later on once i have her broom done. You can 't see the cauldron at all.
This came out bigger than I thought it would be. I haven't done her face yet, just the nose. but I like how she came out
This is suppose to be a candy corn door hanger............its pretty big, and I need to add the face.
I really like these ghost...........they were very easy, and I just need to add the face onto them. I am making several of these. The ones below messed up putting them into the blog, I can't fix them. Anyway the green one is a Frankenstein wall hanging, just need to add his hair and face. The spider and web i think are cute. i just need to starch the web, I will make several of those as well. Then of course the little ghost, they are cute too.

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