Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Busy Busy

I have a headache tonight........not sure why..........maybe the mold, the plumber came out and finally fixed the leaks we had in the bathroom and the kitchen................I or the plumber were not sure Thien would go ahead and ok the work seeing as it was more than the cap Thien had put on them originally, but he approved it and its done and I am happy, now we need to worry about the wiring in the attic, and the leaks in the roof, and the mold issue. We had a scare here the other morning, I got up to get AJ ready for school, and saw police sitting outside the house...................I called the sub station since the office would not tell me anything and said listen I have two kids one who has to go to school, and I have the police standing all over the place outside and the news saying to keep my doors it safe to go outside? He told me there was a shooting the night before, and someone was killed then another shot and is in critical condition..........OMG! the guy was still on the loose, but there were so many officers around, i thought it would be ok to take him to school seeing as how his school is away from here. But after dropping him off, I felt this horrible feeling, that I should have stayed in the house.................I don't know what I would do if something were to happen to my boys! But I came home and mom and Aiden were ok, and I heard he was caught early that morning around 8:45. That was such a relief. I am keeping AJ home from school tomorrow, he is running a fever............hopefully this is nothing, and just a 24 hour bug. His went to his last soccer game Saturday........He wore his uniform too, to support them even though he could not play. He got his trophy too, a nice one, he was so happy to get that trophy. I also got his pictures, which came out much better than I thought they would seeing as how it was so cold and they were facing the sun.........I will have to scan them soon. I have decided to get rid of the trampoline we have out back, its too big and AJ cannot jump on it for awhile, and I want a smaller one with a cage around it. I also got AJs school pictures today, which came out really good, will scan those too. Saturday after AJ has his game, I took the boys to Exploration Place to see the crocodile exhibit, both boys really liked it............ I need to get offline and go work on some crochet, I told AJ we could watch Eragon......I want him to relax and rest though....................

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