Saturday, April 28, 2007


Wow, its been a busy day, or rather a day that made me very sore and tired. I decided to take the boys to lunch today............we had lunch with a friend and her son, and we went to CiCis the boys had fun playing in the game room and watching the cartoons. LOL I let Fernando come over to play with Aj while mom and I went shopping with Aiden. Headed to K-mart first, and we bought a harness for Aiden, he sooooo does not like this, but we needed one, especially with the River Festival coming up...............little ones can run off so fact Aiden today was walking around and he let go of my hand and ran fast!!! Almost collided with a cart, but I got to him in time, but barely, that is what reminded me to get one.............he eventually was fine with and I will mainly use it when we are in crowds, he loves walking around, and this gives me a bit of security. We saw a Dukes of Hazard car at K-Mart, I took a picture of had a mannequin in the back, and damage to the front bumper, but other than that, it was in good condition! Everyone kept stopping and staring at it.

Then off to Wal-Mart to get some grocery shopping done, Aiden got two pairs of sandals, Spider man ones that light up, He loves those..........he was stomping his little feet all over the store, and then some really nice leather brown ones, just like his Aj wore when he was little.

Aiden was so good in the store, he kept hugging me everytime I cringed from my back hurting...............We got the car loaded and made my dad unload it!!! LOL Aiden is sleeping and Aj is playing.

We didn't go to AJs soccer game, I wanted to, but didn't want a confrontation with the ex big brother. I will go to his game next Saturday, that is their last game. I did call his coach tonight to ask if the pictures came in and he said they did, and I will just get them next Saturday. I hope that nothing is said, I don't think it will, but I have talked some more with friends, and they have all reassured me that I did nothing wrong here.

One thing about that supervisor and the old case worker, is that they made it sound like if Aj was matched again, there would be special unfair is that, I again did nothing wrong here nor did my son, yet they want to act as if they are punishing us! I know the president said I could call her anytime if i had any concerns, but why bother, she is the one who told me to remove my entries on my blog, she is the one who said nothing when the supervisor told me Aj would not be rematched, and she said nothing when my old case worker cried about how good a guy he was and how many good things he could have done in the program, and how sad it was that it could never get to do that, and how someone could have stood up for him.

I personally think...........AND THIS IS MY OWN PERSONAL OPINION!! but I think that they know they screwed up here....................they know that there were no rules written about sleep overs, they know that they did not stand up for my son, but stood up for the big here..............the old case worker did it all the time, she is the one who talked me out of ending the match, she is the one that never really thought much was wrong..............I mean at first she did, but I noticed a change in her when he started working in some special volunteer program. Another thing that upset me was when i emailed him and told him that he does not need to be calling my son every night and sometimes two to three times a night................he responds with how he wants to call him several times in a row if he has too and so on and so on, but also the new case worker calls me to tell me that he called her, came up there and complained to them about me telling him to stop calling my son everyday!!! She said she told them that I am Ajs mother and I set the rules.....and he has to abide by them, and she said she was at a loss for words about how upset he got about her saying that!!! Can you beleive the nerve of him? To actually think he would think that they could tell him it was alright to call whenever he wanted and I was to just accept that!!???? I mean come on!!! That poor girl though, i feel for her, but even then she should have questioned why he thought he had a right to do that.

I still feel strongly that they went after me unfairly and saw me as the bad guy, I mean this should have been very easy, he continued to disrespect me, by arguing every point with me, If I told him AJ could not go on a longer outing, or go on more than one outing in a week, he got upset and argued with me, If I told him that Aj could not talk to him anytime he wanted, he got upset and flat out told me that I BETTER let Aj call him whenever he wanted..................
I think BBBS just does not want to admit they made mistakes with this match, that maybe their judgement was clouded by the fact that the case worker knew him............................I admit I should have ended this match when I wanted to..............but she kept talking me out of it, why? I don't know, but I sure hope she and her supervisor feel better about themselves by making me feel really bad.............for making me feel like the bad guy in this situation.

I really wanted to see Aj get matched again, I was hoping my younger son could have been on the list when he was old enough, but I don't trust this program any longer, atleast the office here. They failed my son, they failed me, and maybe they even failed the big here by not seeing or choosing to see the signs that he was just not emotionally ready to be matched. That by him getting so involved and disrespecting me in so many ways, for not seeing him try to do everything in his power to have more time than necessary with my son...............

By going after me in this situation and by making me feel the way they did they failed miserably...............I feel for my son, but I am happy that he is standing up for me the way I stood up for him, by saying to me that if they could make his mommy cry then he didnt' want to be matched.....................I was so proud of him and myself for standing up for us!!!!! Because BBBS didn't!! and they will have to accept that fact on their own.

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Wanda Kay said...

You did the right thing by your son, of course knowing you for several years, I know you always put the boys first. I'd like to tell those people to stick it where the sun don't shine.

If I were you I sure as heck wouldn't have deleted or changed the entry. I personally thought the guy was a little too close to AJ.

Those people in that chapter of BBBS are not doing their jobs, the parents should have the final say in the activities and times.