Sunday, October 28, 2007


My mother in front of the train cake she made for Aidens Birthday. She loves making cakes and did a really good job on this cake. Aiden LOVES trains and this was really cute. Last year she made him a teddy bear cake which was adorable!!
Here are some of the people who were there for his party........the party went really good, we all had a great time, it was nice just visiting and have fun. Aiden had a nap right before his party, so once he was awake, he was having fun and maybe not too sure about all the people around, but had fun anyway.
Here is another shot of the cake before it was all gone..........
my precious Aiden and mommy
My father bought this for Aiden at a garage sale, its one of those construction drive things, and Aiden just loves it, he will give it to someone saying, "Drive" and you better drive!! LOL
The presents............Aiden loved all of them.

My parents with Aiden!
Aiden got a lot of Little people stuff, and a work bench........i can't remember everything he got, but he did get a lot and loved pretty much everything...........he loved the cake and ice cream and i loved when the party was over, even though i was having a good time, it was time to clean up and was a busy day! and we all had fun.................all the kids kept trying to play more with Aidens toys than Aiden himself. LOL

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