Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Tuesday is Off to a Good Start

Maybe I spoke too soon.....Aiden was playing, but now is whining, he wants to go outside, but I am not ready to go hopping outside its chilly out there.......

I know I have been lazy about writing in here......I had a good weekend, Sunday we spent the day at the park, it was for a birthday party for Chris, we bbqed out there and had a lot of fun.......it could have been less windy.........we had to stop at WalMart on our way home....and I looked at AJs feet and they were dark brown from all the dirt on them.......I told him to go to the bathroom to wash his feet off then a bath when we got home. Then I looked down at my feet, (we were all wearing flip flops) anyway they were dirty too!! ewwww......had to go wash my feet off too. The bathrooms were really dirty and this one mother was talking to her small daughter about how WalMart was too stupid to clean their bathrooms, then made a comment that people were too stupid and filthy to flush the toilets, and disgusting people were, and this went on and on, then they got out of the stall and walked out without washing their hands!! LOL I had to laugh at this woman, who thought she was so superior........listening to her whine about how dirty everyone was........then to walk out without washing their hands, must not have been dirty enough for her to teach her daughter the importance of washing hands, especially after using such a dirty bathroom........I thought i was done hearing her, but she was over by shampoos and her daughter picked something up from the floor, and she gave her yet another lecture about how dirty it could be, you don't know what filthy person that came off of! WOW.....talk about good teachings! LOL I am really glad Aj has not gotten sick......this stomach virus is really hitting people! I will get on later and post some more, the computer is slow right now, and I want to work on some crochet.

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