Sunday, April 06, 2008

New Week Ahead

Well its a new week ahead and I am ready for it. I am hoping to get more sleep this week than last. I had a pretty good weekend, I finally went through the top drawer of my filing cabinet, and got rid of a ton of paper. I just need to tackle the bottom drawer, which I am not really looking forward to.

Today was warmer than yesterday and not as windy, but the boys and I never made it to the park........AJ had Chris over playing and Aiden went with my dad and Scott to get Amanda. So we basically hung around the house..........I did take the boys for a walk today which was nice.

I am also starting on some squares for a CAL I am doing in a yahoo group. This is such a pretty square. I need to do a total of 22........20 for the afghan and 2 for the pillow. Its really pretty and you can see the pattern here.
If you scroll down you will see the pattern for the, "Ladys Coverlet & Pillow" I am going to do the bottom of the fan part first, so the first 5 rows first, and once I have 22 of them, I will work on the rest of the square. I am using Camo Pink for the bottom of the fan, Raspberry for the fan part, and white for the background.

I have also been going around and around in my head to go back to my old screen name, which I never deleted...........I just really love that name, and I still use it, just not as much, but I find myself signing into that name more and more. I hate changing everything over, but it should not be that difficult. I always have a hard time deciding on what to do with screen names.........LOL

Well I am about ready to get offline and watch the news and work on those fan squares. Will take a pic tomorrow.


Caroline said...

I'm anxious to see your squares. I really haven't done any. I need to try!

Wanda Kay said...

Can't wait to see the squares, I know they'll be lovely