Saturday, June 07, 2008

Saturday Got package in Mail. Woohoo

I got this from Amy in Swapaholic Crocheters group........a 12" square, and I love the colors.
She also sent these for the May Amigurumi swap, so cute, and the dragonfly is adorable and I love it along with the little dolls.

I got this little tote at Walmart to put my crochet stuff in...........I love pink!! and this was a mini version of a bigger one they have.........but I am still debating on whether I want the bigger one. Anyway I really thought this was cute, and at only 4 dollars, I could not pass it up.

I have been playing catch up my group, Crochet_Swaps_Galore
I just started 3 new swaps, this is a fairly new group on yahoo, I am running with it Dawn. Our first swaps for July are an Amigurumi swap, a Secret pal swap and a Square Swap, you pick the size of your square. The secret pal swap runs for two months, July is Christmas in July........crochet one regular size item, something stuffed like that, or 3 small ornaments types............August is our you pick the the one sending picks the theme, and 3 things must be sent pertaining to the theme you picked..........with atleast one item being crocheted......Anyway I am hoping to see some more members join our group and help it to grow and become a really neat group. I know that things start out slow sometimes.......but please join the group............and let us know you saw it here. LOL

Today was hot and very windy...........they say more very heavy rains will hit us tomorrow........:( the utility room and closet are smelling musty and I can't stand it. Thien says an insurance adjuster will be out to look at it next week sometime......roofer did come this past week, and he seems like a nice guy........said the whole roof will not need to be replaced, the leaks are coming from the two chimneys and the add on to the house. So that should be good news to the landlord. Anyway maybe the rain will pass up by. We did get a horrible storm was cloudy all day and the weather men said severe and very threatening weather was coming our way..............we lost our electricity twice that day, but all before the storm hit, we lost it because of the extremely high winds we had............Anyway the storm lasted about an hour............and we were fine after that.


Caroline said...

Love your swap stuff! This weather bites doesn't it? More storms tonite for us!!!

Lesalicious said...

Loving the swap gifts. Looks like you have your work cut out for you and those swaps.:) good luck.:)

Anonymous said...

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