Monday, September 29, 2008

Halloween is coming!!

This is a really cute Ghost that you can find here. I made this last night and it worked up fast and easy. Caroline did a great job making up this adorable little ghost and offering it on her blog for free.
I did two of these spider and they are hanging above the fireplace.........they are the only ones I can handle....they are fake and smiling sweetly at me......unlike the real things, who are all out to get me!!!!
Some decorations that have gone up..........I might be doing more, but I think I need a break from Halloween stuff, might work on some squares for a CAL

This is in the boys room............they love it, they have more in there, but this corner is really cute.

Today has been pretty good so far............its really nice outside, so I will do some work out there with Aiden and enjoy this amazing weather..........the wind could settle down a bit, but other than that, beautiful out.


Life of Purplebttyflies said...

Your Halloween Decorations look Great in the front room and in the boys room. I'm glad Aiden & Aj likes them in their room.

Dragonflymom said...

Thanks Barbara

Caroline said...

Your ghost and spiders are great! The decorations look good too! Now I have to finish mine! Thanks for the vote of confidence on the ghost and the link to my blog. I'll be getting the spider pattern up soon!

Chars said...

I love your decorations - makes me wish we celebrated her e:)

Dragonflymom said...

Thanks everyone.