Monday, September 15, 2008

Received two swaps

I received this swap from Charlene in Australia, this was for a Room a month swap and the room was bathroom, I love it and the colors too...they will look really pretty in the bathroom.
This was received from Joni, in an Autumn/Halloween cute is this? very cute, its a toilet paper/shelf sitter, and my mom wants him. LOL So does Aiden, when I was laying out both swap packages to take a picture, Aiden kept saying, "I like these mommy" he just kept saying that, and inching his little hand towards the stuff to take.........he didn't succeed! LOL

Anyway Aiden was really sick this morning and early afternoon, he threw up 6 times..........but seems to be doing great now...........we had gone to go the post office and walmart, but he got sick in the car, so we came back and I cleaned him up and let him stay here with mama, and I went and ran my two packages out in the mail to France, and the other to Mindy.............I hope they like them.

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