Saturday, June 05, 2010


I had originally started these long term crochet a longs in a group that I had started, well that group was combined with another group, and I took my amigurumi group back, changed its name and will offer much more than just amigurumi. So we had some sign ups with both the long term cals and I understand that some of them may not want to join another group, but I wanted to be able to give them a chance to keep going with it. So will be hosting here on my blog. Hopefully weekly updates or every other week. Anyway here they are.

This will be an ongoing CAL

This lap ghan is gorgeous!! You can choose a solid color, multiple colors, I think it would look great in any color.


Starts JULY 1ST, 2010 and will run for the next 5 months. If you complete
this swap and post a picture in the correct album by 12-31-10 you will
have your name in a drawing for a chance to win. I will draw out two
names, first name will win a Kitchen gift basket, worth $20.00.
The second name will win a Misc. gift basket also totaling at least $20.00.

IF you have any questions or comments about this cal, please email me at

Sign ups
Angie B
Carol Williams
Jan Tilley
Gail Bromfield
Sandy Monroe
Jen Yates
Darlene Dean
Kelli Campbell
Arlene Crosser
Meegan Gaffney
Diane Shreve


Your incentive for signing up and completing your afghan on time
by 01-01-2011 will have their name placed in a drawing for a chance
to win a lap ghan made by myself. I will also draw out a second name
and that person will win a Misc Craft gift basket.

Ann Baird
Barb Rickard
Sandy Monroe


trapperhoney said...

how do i get in on this CAL?

Dragonflymom said...

Hi, Just leave me your name, and I will add it to this cal. Choose one that you want to join, there are two going on.

Shawn said...

For the 63 heirloom afghan, do we use all 63 patterns or can we pick certain ones? Thanks, Shawn

Dragonflymom said...

Hi Shawn, yes you can use certain squares if you want for the 63 afghan. This was very frustrating for some, as the squares don't all come out the same size.