Monday, May 31, 2010

Hello Amigurumi Tiger anyone?

I did this a few weeks ago, this pattern is really cute, I was a bit worried about how they would look as the heads came out huge.....but they are super cute.......I made two at the same time, so I could keep one for myself and swap one. I love tigers and this was just really cute.

I am doing this Floral Hexagon motif for a crochet a long in a group......I was surprised by how big the motifs actually are, I am doing two for the living room. Will try to get better pictures as they progress.

I did this Suncatcher for a crochet a long in a group......I really liked how it came out and decided to mail it off to a friend for a swap. Now I don't have one. LOL

I hosted a game in a group and Jen won, and when I went looking for things she liked, I had noticed that she collected Patriotic things, so I knew this would be perfect, it is a Betsy Ross pin cushion, and came out cute. Worked up fast.
this is my little Aiden in the hospital last week, you can see how swollen his face is.......he never let go of his teddy bear!! He is still improving, although some of the side effects are just really aggravating to him.....his head is peeling, his scalp anyway, in some areas it is.......and his finger tips are peeling too, I have never seen that much skin come off.........he has another check up with blood work Thursday.

I just finished testing a very cute frog for a lady, and as soon as she posts I will a picture.


Crafty Christina said...

The tigers are adorable! The hexagon motif is great too. I've always been a sucker for hexagons.

Your poor little guy looks so unhappy! Poor baby.

Caroline said...

best wishes to you and Aidan, I hope he's well on the road to recovery. Your tiger ami's are darling.

Anonymous said...

Love the tiger. would you be willing to share your pattern with me. i have a friend who wants a tiger and this is the closet thing i have found that i really like. please let me know.
thank you and you do beautiful work.

Dragonflymomof2 said...

I don't remember the designers name, will have to get out pattern and check, but I do know it's a paid pattern, meaning I purchased it online from Etsy. Here are some free patterns online I found