Sunday, September 12, 2010

It's all about the AJs!

Well AJ has been in school about a month almost and Aiden is going on 3 weeks now.  AJ is doing really well, I received his progress report last week, and he has As, Bs, and one C and that is in pre-algebra.  He has been at a steady C in math for awhile now, and I think that will be ok for him.  Math just seems to be what he struggles in the most.  I am upset with the school, most nowadays, I have noticed that past couple of years, they have said no to backpacks, and yes to string packs........which are very flimsy!!!  I have spent a great deal of money on these string packs since he started Middle school, and have to say that I think they really messed up with this......I don't understand why they can't have backpacks.........I know his school says they want the string packs so the kids can carry most of their books with them, instead of going to their lockers after every class..........BUT.............AJ is in 8th grade now and his books are bigger and much heavier.......and you should see the blood marks on his shoulders!!!!  I can barely lift this bag!!!  and have already had to replace it twice this new school less than a month!!!!  I think I will bring this up to the principal.....this is just not wonder kids are having back issues so early in life, and AJ has complained of back pain for awhile now. 

Aiden loves school..........he is so super happy when he comes home, and has papers in his backpack.....he was also class helper and thought that was so neat.  It is exciting for me too, once AJ got into middle school...I kinda missed that elementary school time..........Aiden went to the library for the first time Friday, and got to check out a book, and he was happy, he carried that around the house all day Friday!!  He is just so cute. 

I have been letting the boys earn money by doing certain things, AJ gets 10 dollars for mowing the grass, Aiden gets 5 dollars for cleaning up the trash in the yard, which with the wind happens a lot...........I hate when trash gets blown around...........but some of it is just people not caring where their trash ends up, and some of it is from cats getting into trash bins and pulling out trash, or the wind just blowing over carts.........we got a lot of wind last week, and it would blow over full trash he gets a little bag and picks up the trash. 

Yesterday AJ went to Lawrence for a KU game, and Aiden and I went shopping.....they had something called, "Rorys Close Closet" downtown, so I took Aiden and they had some nice clothes, some of it was brand new, in fact a lot of the stuff was brand new, and the most expensive?  $6.00 he had fun picking out stuff too............I picked out two hoodies for him, and he wanted ones with a zipper instead. he knows what he wants.  I left with 3 bags of stuff, and spent only about $47, then off to Walmart and lunch.  We also stopped at the Dollar General store, hadn't been in one for awhile and I wanted to see what they had. 

Today has been a relaxing day, Aiden wants to play Toy Story Operation game soon.  He went with his brother and papa to buy some play sand for his sand box. 


Beansieleigh said...

This is my first time to your blog, and it's been fun seeing everything you've made... LOVE the dragonfly scarf!! I love to crochet and craft. I just finished a shawl, and hope to post it soon. (My camera is not terribly cooperative!)... Anyways, I'm now a follower, and look forward to visiting again. Nice to meet you, and have a great day! ~tina

Caroline said...

Sounds like you and your lil one had fun! I would've loved to see what they had for my brood! $47 is a steal!!!