Thursday, October 21, 2010

Conferences Already

Yep, my Aiden did today!!!  I have to say I am getting excited about elementary school again.  Once AJ hit middle school, I missed elementary school.  He was growing up on me so fast, and things were done differently in middle school.  I can go through it again with Aiden.  I love to hear him talk about his day.  I LOVE that he still wants a hug and a kiss from me when I drop him off and he DOESN'T care who sees!!!!  He still says, "I love you mommy" as he walks into his class!!!  I always miss him!  It is only 3 hours, but still!!!!  He is my baby.  Anyway he is doing great in school.........he can sign his name now without tracing he will graduate to signing his name without seeing it.  He can count to 100, but they are not even doing that in his class yet.....but he will count to 100 all the time at home.  He is super polite, and smart........but they wish he would talk more......he is shy at school a bit.  So that is the goal next well as learning how to write our last is a hard one, he can say it now.........but spelling it will be a challenge.  8 letters!!!  LOL  I know he will catch on fast.  I think I want to start writing the day, month, and date for him too, so he will get use to what those words look like.  

I got his hair cut yesterday too, and he looks so handsome, I wanted to wait until it was closer to his birthday and school pictures!!  He will turn 5 tomorrow, but his party will be on Saturday.  He is so excited.  I also had AJ get his hair cut yesterday too.  He looks so handsome and much better.  Even the stylist said he looked better leaving then he did coming in.  LOL

Our temps are cooling down a bit, more so at night, time does not change until November, which I am a bit upset about, but what am I going to do?  I like when it gets dark earlier.  


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Anonymous said...

My grandson started kindergarten this year and has had "two red marks and one yellow" for talking TOO much. It would be so much better were he a little more shy. It's hard to watch them grow up. I want them to stay little. He's starting to wipe off Nana's kisses now and it just breaks my heart.