Friday, October 08, 2010

Crochet Pictures

 Just in time for Fall!!!  Magnets, Turkey and Pumpkin Pie
 Cat/Dog pattern I tested for Ivory, how cute is this???
I made this and then had to send it off, I LOVE this dragonfly!!

I have my modem up and running.  I missed the internet.  I think we all did, especially my mom.

Yesterday our living room tv caught  on fire..............smoke was filling the living room fast, and I had my father unplug the tv.........we could not see flames, but smoke coming it said he heard a pop, and the tv went out, but then came back on, so he thought the Directv box went out, which it does a lot with satellite.  Anyway, I bought the tv from a lady who bought from Best Buy.........she bought an extended warranty on it, TV is 2 years I called them, and they said yes the warranty transfers since she bought it from they are coming out Monday which was the earliest.  I am sooo glad the warranty transferred, she said she called when I was buying the tv to find out, and the store in town said yes since it was bought from them it would be covered with the new owner as long as I had the original receipt, which I did. 

I am just so glad the fire did not get worse and we are all ok..............I am also glad I called, I was about to throw the TV out and take the hose to it....but once we unplugged it the smoke eventually stopped. 


Unknown said...

The turky and pie are too cute where can one find the patterns for those if you dont mind? love your blog...Becki

Dragonflymom said...

Hi Becki, you can find the patterns below

Pumpkin Pie


I did this one a bit differently.