Monday, August 27, 2012


Well you can see my boys are back at school. Almost 2 weeks now. They are doing well. Aiden was not that happy about going back, but he is ok with it now. LOL Austin who started his 10th grade year will be on the swim team!! I am so proud of him. He swims very well, and his instructor who has been teaching him for awhile now says he is really good and needs to be on a team. I hope Austin likes it. I told him you don't know how well you will do in something, or how much you will like it, until you try. I think meetings start the end of next month. I think Aiden likes 1st grade. He has a nice teacher and I will be helping out with Helping Hands again this year too. Austin is not happy with his Chinese class, this year they are doing it through video chat. I hope he sticks with it....he went all last year taking this class, and to give up a years worth of study on it would be sad! He is doing well in it, so I hope he moves on with it. He has a few honor classes as well. So I am super proud of both my boys. I am quickly getting back into a routine. I think I'm allergic to mornings though. They don't agree with me! :D But I love the fact that I can get a lot done in the mornings and have my afternoons free to work out and crochet.

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