Friday, October 26, 2012


You can see above some of my recent crochet work. Some are pattens I tested for others, you can see of my recent Halloween crochet.....the matchbox was part of a swap.  Take a matchbox, decorate it, and add trinkets inside.  I took the 250 matchbox, then added a smaller matchbox in it as well.  It was the second one I had to do.  First one accidentally got sent in another package.  I didn't want the lady to wait any longer, so I did another one.

I am currently working on finishing up a Mystery ghan that was hosted by Julie at Ravelry.  You can see some of the squares in that slideshow above.  I just finished clue #4 and now time to work on the final clue.
I am also hosting a Mystery square crochet a long.  (CAL)  In September I designed 12 squares, actually 13, but one just doesn't "fit"  Anyway, I have long been fascinated (ok a bit fascinated) of symbols, and the meaning they hold for people.  Some symbols are universal, while others can be different around the world.  When reading up on it, I realized that so many of us have our "own" ideas of what symbols mean to us.  Some of us use traditional symbols, and some of us choose to make our own symbols, and add our own meaning to them.  For me the dragonfly represents freedom,  letting our children learn to fly on their own......and I can tell you that it has the same meaning for others too. 

So I started out by drawing pictures of squares and then the symbols in them........then took a generic square I had and marked where I thought the design needed to be.  My mother chose two colors for her afghan, Soft Sage and Shocking Pink.......both are from Red Heart, but have different feels to them.  Soft Sage squares come out slightly smaller.  Anyway, I did all the first squares with those two colors.  I did not have to redo any of the squares.......although I did find a mistake in one of them, pattern was written right, I just made a mistake while working the square. 

I hope you check out the link and join up.  Please feel free to share this with your crochet friends. 

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Stephanie B. said...

Looking forward to the Mystery CAL. I see some of your tests, because I did some of those, too, very nice! Love the ice cream cone garland, too!