Sunday, December 09, 2012

AJ joined the swim team at school, and they had their first meet earlier last week. It was such a busy day I was not sure I would make it in time, but I got there a bit early. I was so proud of him. First race he did was the 200 yard Freestyle, then the 60 yard Freestyle. The whole team did great.
Aiden and I took a trip downtown to see the Mayor light the Christmas tree. We actually missed the lighting of it. AJ was late getting out of swim practice, and Aiden and I drove around about 15 minutes looking for a space to park. We ended up finding one, but it was a distance to walk, but luckily we did not miss the short firework show. The downtown tree was beautiful! The night with Santa was fun for Aiden, he got his picture taken, played some games, ate cotton candy, and off we went home. this past week has just been so busy. Actually this whole month has. The boys have Taekwondo twice a week, plus swim classes with Aiden, AJ is home late every night from swim practice.......but it's been fun, tiring, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

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