Thursday, December 13, 2012


Ok, well as I am sure some of you know, my writing skills can be hard to read at times. I can’t keep using the excuse that, ”I’m new” LOL I think designing and writing patterns will always be a learning experience. As I grow as a designer, so will my “skills” meaning some words will change, some methods will be done differently. With that said, I always want to listen to those who are making my patterns. I have gotten some very rude comments on my blog in the past from some crocheters who felt the need to criticize me, insult me or my writing…….or just flat out tell me I don’t know how to write a pattern.. While I think everyone has a right to their opinion, I wish that those type of people would change their thinking process in that we don’t need to resort to name calling, or insults because we may not understand something. That’s really what it boils down to…..not understanding a style of writing. I am always looking to improve my patterns. As well as making my pattern as easily understood as I can possibly can, but at the same time, keeping true to my “style” Soooooo………I want to start a bit of an unconventional CAL. I will announce what square I am working on. I would appreciate everyone who decides to work the square too, to “hook” it of course,(on Ravelry) BUT also offer me up any ideas, suggestions, or changes they think should be made. Mistakes as well. I would like them emailed to me or sent through private message. I will make the changes to the original pattern, fix on my blog, and even send a pdf to those who wish it. So if you are with me. Lets get started!! I will post the first square later tonight that will be for this week. It will be a 6” since the week is about over. I will post a square to work on each week. To be part of the group on Ravelry, click on the link below If you want to follow along on my blog, please post a link to your blog and post if you decide to post a picture. I would love to see.

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