Sunday, January 27, 2013

Busy Week

Well hopefully you can see the pictures above.  I have been trying to find a free collage/slide show maker online, but the ones I am finding are not very good.  Photobucket took the feature away!  Anyway it's been one very busy week, and another starts tomorrow.  I had to take Austin to a college university Wednesday to register him for a Science College course!! YEP you read that right, my 15 year old is going to college.  I get that it's only one class, but he gets credit for it and will give him an awesome opportunity to get a feel for college life.  Thursday he had a swim meet which went very well.  His high school has never had a boys swim team until this year!  So they are a very small team, I think in all there is about 12!  At these swim meets, the other teams are huge!!  20 or more kids.  Well this past Thursday only 5 of them showed up.  Some had other things they could not get out of doing, one got into a fight, and one had a bad grade, so hopefully they all can make it back before this season is over.  Anyway for only having 5 kids, they did really good!!!  This is what happened to Austin when he tried getting out of the pool....

When he walked over, they were both bleeding pretty good, so we got them cleaned and bandaged up, and thankfully it stopped bleeding by the time he was ready for his next race.

Friday night is when we went to see the Harlem Globetrotters, Austin has seen them before, but Aiden hadn't and his little face was lit up most of the time.  It was really fun, they are very entertaining and very good at what they do.  Aiden got a basketball and got a couple of autographs.  I think our arena needs to be better organized when letting the fans come up to get autographs.  It was a mess, We stood in line for one guy, and these parents would push us out of the way, finally I would not let it happen again, I would hold my arm out in front of them and say no you will not push my son and I out of the way.  Some got pissed, but I didn't care, I know we all wanted our kids to get autographs, but you don't shove and push other kids out of your way!!  No wonder the kids think they can do it too, they see mommy and daddy doing it, so why not them.  After the second one, I said enough!!!  There was only about 5 minutes left of autographs.  I don't blame the Globetrotters, but maybe they should just "pre-sign" items ahead of time.  I think our arena failed big time on that one.

Saturday Austin had an invitational swim meet, lasted over 6 hours!!   there were 87 heats!!!  OMG it's not natural to sit on those bleachers for 6 hours!!  Austins team did amazing!! Each kid cut seconds off of their times.  AJ came in second place in the 100 yard Butterfly!  He also cut 20 seconds off of his old time!!  I was floored to see him cut that much time!  I am so proud of him.


Caroline said...

Looks like your guys are growing up fast! Have you tried "Picmonkey"? I like their collages.

Stephanie B. said...

My 14 year old is in 8th grade and has been a competitive swimmer since he was in 5thh. Those swim meets can be very long, but if it's a sanctioned USA Swim meet they are supposed to get done in 4 hours or get fined for going over. Maybe they should have split it up into 2 days. Wow!