Wednesday, January 02, 2013


Well it's now officially 2013, ok been for a couple of days now.  :D  We all survived!  had a great night, and now it's time to get 2013 kicked off to a good start! 

Looking back over 2012, Here are just a few of the highlights.

Both boys winning medals and trophys at their very first TaeKwonDo tournament.  They have been to two this year, and both did amazingly well!  Aiden is now a Green Belt and AJ is a Blue tip, they should have them tomorrow. 

AJ getting accepted into a Science college course!!  He had to write a short essay about why he thought he needed to be accepted and he got in.  So later this month, he will go one day a week to a local college and start receiving credits! 

AJ also joining the Swim team in high school.  I am always happy to see him do extra activities that will help his chances of going to college, which is also what his second language will do, as well as JROTC, which he has advanced up in ranks. 

Aiden doing so well in school.  He is so smart and is with the top of his class. 

Aiden is growing up into such a handsome, intelligent young boy........I am so grateful to have both my sons, I think about how many times I thought about having kids when I was younger, most of my younger years were spent thinking I never be a mother, I'm not sure if it was I thought I wouldn't be good at it, or the change of being a mother was scary.  During my first pregnancy, I went through a lot emotionally and physically.....I was scared beyond all belief.  I had no idea of what being a mother was..........but when AJ was born, and I saw his face for the first time, it was like no other feeling in the world, he was so beautiful, so perfect, so precious!!!  I knew then that no matter what I was going to love him more than life whole life changed. 

With Aiden, it was the same.....I was scared, excited, happy, but the feelings of fear crept into me again.........would I love him the same, could I give him the attention he needed.......would I be able to show both boys how much I loved them.......but again, seeing his face after he was born, holding him, kissing him.......I knew I loved him more than life..........I knew then that those fears were nothing.........He was so perfect, so beautiful and so darn precious!!!

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