Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Star War Squares

These are two that I created myself...............the first one is the Star Destroyer I think......the second one is the Death Star, but I might redo that one to make it look more round, to me it looks more oval. I have two other patterns that i designed myself, and will post those pictures when i have done the square. I am doing two of each ship.
This are two that i got from this Website She only had patterns for 4 ships, and Austin wanted more, so I guess you can say this site and lady inspired me to create my own. I still have to add the other red for the lasers!
Two more from her site, and again I only did them in light grey, with a dark grey border around them. I might go back when all are done and add the red to the first ship, but I still debating on whether i really want to do that. Once the squares are done, I will put them together, and add mroe around them. These squares measure 12"

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