Monday, September 11, 2006

What a Hectic Day

Today was just not my day! My hand is still hurting something awful.........the ibuprofen is still not taking the sweeling down, or making it feel any better. Last night our home phone stopped working, and had to wait on hold with the phone company for 45 minutes, that was after the 15 minutes or so of the recordings........which can't help me, so why bother with them? I am so tired of these companies that have these stupid wait excuse me........."automated system" The phone started working again around 3 am. But they were coming out today anyway, but earlier today, I found out that my crazy neighbor lady has been stealing my mail......i had gotton a card from one of my crochet sites..............that went to her address, but my name on it.........(i use to live over there some years back) What this lady did was cross my name off and put her name in it, send it back to the company who thinks i am trying to be someone else. She also has been stealing my crochet books, that they had sent to me. I called them to find out and they apparently have been sending stuff to her address, which is my old address that i have changed with them several times, and with the post office. I talked to the post man who said he delivered it to me because he knows that i live here now, but didn't notice her name written on it by her. He said she has no right to do that, and even though the address is hers, it is still in my name, and not an advertisement, and she legally cannot do i went over there to tell her to knock it off that i was filing a complaint against her, well her drunk hippe husband answered the door started telling me to take it up with the company, and i said i have done that but that doesn't give his wife the right to do what she did..........he just kept saying it over and over, and how he doesn't have to bring my mail to me, and I told him he was right, but what he HAS to do is sent it back! not steal it, or write thier name on it. so then he tells me he is going to kick my ass if i come over again, so i went off on him telling him to keep his crazy drunk self away from me, and any of my friends that come over, and his crazy wife away from me too. NO matter who is out visiting me friends.......or even repairman he is over here yelling, and actin all dumb, talking really loud, falling over and stuff. I called the police and made a report.

Phone company came out, the alarm company installed the sytstem wrong and it was messing up our phone.

Time to relax tonight and work on some crochet.

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