Saturday, November 03, 2007

Crochet Slump??? NOOOOOOO!!

I feel like I am going through a crochet slump..........I have all my swaps done, but some still need mailing, and my only reason for it not being done is that I have been lazy! I have not been feeling too well, just sore from running errands, or cleaning up. But now I feel like I am in a slump. I have a few Secret Santa swaps I am in, and will get them fact i have to venture down into that nasty basement of ours, to get a few christmas crochet stuff i did last year, but they don't have patterns and I have to wing it by sight, which is fine, i did it last year and they came out good............I did put up my thanksgiving stuff, and took a few pictures and realized i don't really have much crochet turkey stuff, so I should get busy with that. Wish me luck and hope that no spiders attack me!!!!

This is the mantle, I don't really like them up here, so I would not be surprised if i don't move them around a bit more.
Turkey Turkey

I feel like I am in a crochet slump and I don't like it!!!

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Unknown said...

Those Thanksgiving things are so cool...I especially the cornucopia!! I'd love to make one but I just don't have the dang time!!