Monday, November 19, 2007

Finished the Bear Afghan

Well I finished Aidens blanket tonight, and here it me it kinda reminds me of a tree! LOL Anyway its done, and I put two rows of a border around it, but you can't see that very well in the picture. I am just glad its done and I will finish the living room lapghan tomorrow, most of it will be done tonight, I will crochet some while relaxing in bed......I am tired from all the cleaning.

My rotten Aiden laying on his blanket, he loves it, I had it spread out on the floor to take pictures and he came running and landed right on it............he loves anything I crochet especially blankets. I hope to have this one for a long time. He is so darn cute laying there.

You can just barely make out Aidens head in the lower right hand corner, but this is him taking off with it!!! LOL my little goofy boy.

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