Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Just a quick little note................I am so tired and sore from all the cleaning last week, and over the weekend, it is finally catching up with me. I am trying to get last minute stuff done, so I can relax tomorrow........my brother and family are leaving around 7 or so in the morning, which will put them here around 5 or 6 its about a 10 hour drive.

I got up this morning and started picking up a bit, but Aiden was not letting me get too much done, so played with him for awhile, took him to Subway for lunch, then back home to watch General hospital, which the show is really getting on my nerves. Then I hear this crazy lady outside screaming her lungs off, and I go look and its my crazy neighbor yelling and laughing with this really crazed look on her face, I ignore her and come back in where my father heads out to get some different furniture.............by this time the temp outside is falling, and the wind is picking up. I have to run to walmart to get a few things, and back home to get the old furniture out and the other set in, take the old set to a friends.

Now I really have to get the house picked up a bit more............seems like when I think its done, something else comes up and is all of a sudden laying on my, "what was once a clean floor" LOL

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