Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Aidens Thomas Take Alongs sets, doesn't show the huge carnival set he got. He really LOVES Thomas the Tank
Can you beleive the snow we got last Saturday?? Beautiful huh..........you can see our backyard and how the wind ripped our canopy to our swing :(
Christmas Morning and the gifts
AJ holding up one of the playstation games.

Aidens first present opened and after this, nothing else mattered, he opened these trains, and was not interested, we opened the Thomas sets and he was happy, but wanted them out and put together right away.

We had a heck of a time finding snow boots for the boys, and you can barely see them in this picture, but Aiden does not like them.

Well its a new year!!! I am glad the holidays are behind us now.........I loved them,and we had a great time.........our Christmas was a lot of fun, and the boys loved everything they got, of course they had their favorites, like AJ loving the Playstation he got with 5 games........the DVD player and stereo he got, and he loved everything else........Aiden loved the Thomas the Tank stuff he got. We had a great dinner and then exchanged gifts with some friends across the street, Scott got me this really gorgeous ring..............he knows how much I love rings, and its sooo pretty.

The New year was spent here at home, and we had pizza for dinner and Shrimp for a snack which was yummy, and after the new year hit, we opened our door and yelled Happy New Year to our friends across the street.

All in all the holidays were great and I am ready for the New Year.

Aiden went into the Dr before Christmas with a runny nose that was lasting for a month, and dr said it was a sinus infection, so gave him amoxicillian, and that seemed to start working until he developed a rash all over his body, no other symptons, so dr said benedryl and keep him off the amoxicillian, but then his runny nose came back in force, so we had to get him a different medicine, since we are pretty sure the rash was due to an allergy to the amoxicillian.

He seems fine now, just cranky today. LOL

I am off to read some blogs, and message boards and get stuff ready for some crochet swaps I am in.

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