Thursday, January 10, 2008


Well I changed my background on here, and deleted all my stuff on the side!! I can't believe I did that........I will have to add all those links again!!! UGH

8:41 Edit..........

Ok, I added some links, but not all of them......will work on that tomorrow, I really need to get busy cleaning up the house......I did add a, "Info for Swaps" on the side........this is info for any swaps I am currently in........I know I get asked a lot about the my themes/colors in my house as well as my favs and stuff, so hopefully having it there will help.


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Lesalicious said...

Ugh I hate when that happen I did that once I was so mad after that whenever I changed my background I saved all my things from my side bar hope you get everything back up like you want. Oh give crocheting a purse a try so easy you can do it.:)