Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Wish List: Swap Swap Gals/Swap info

I have been swapping for a couple of years, and I always get asked what the themes/colors in my house are...........and its something I always ask as well............So here it is and hopefully this will help.

Living Room: Blue carpet, white walls, would love to paint pale yellow or a buttery type of color.......Angels and current holiday decorations.

Kitchen/Dining Room: Dining room is a burgandy and hunter green.....although we would love to change these colors! Kitchen is Daisy colors.......pale yellow, blue, and white. We have daisies and angels, I do have some frogs and butterflies in the kitchen

Bedroom: flowers and angels..........colors are pinks with a light blue carpet. We also have some green in the room.

Bathroom: Angels with a blue coloring.

Favorite Colors: Pinks, Blues, Greens, Pale yellow, I really love Raspberry and Camo Pink. I like all colors except below

Dislike these Colors: Dark Browns and bright yellows unless they are for a holiday decoration.

Collects: I love to collect pens and stationary, lighthouses, dragonflies, butterflies, frogs, tigers, angels, fairies.....umm......Holiday decorations....I am huge on decorations. I also would like to find different types of crochet hooks, my city sucks for hooks......LOL

I love mints and tea........hate dark chocolate. I also cross-stitch and do a bit of plastic canvas.

I love the smells of coconut, lavender, vanilla, and APPLE/CINNAMON

I am wanting to join Swap Swap Gals, so here are my questions.

Reading, bike riding, watching movies.

I love to CROCHET! I also cross-stitch and do a bit of plastic canvas.

Favorite Colors?
Pinks, Purples, Blues, Cream I am really loving Raspberry and Camo Pink.

Favorite Animal?
Tigers, kitties, frogs, butterflies, and dragonflies.

All Dislikes?
I don't like browns or bright yellows, unless holiday themed. I hate dark chocolate.

Favorite Candies?
Lifesaver mints.......anything with nuts in it. White chocolate.

Favorite Smell Goods?
I love Apple/Cinnamon smells, Vanilla, and coconut.

Other things you may like or may not like?
I love collecting pens, stationary, purses, little trinkets, keychains, buttons now!! LOL umm..........I love crochet hooks....we are so limited to what we have here, just your basic alluminum or plastic, but no Lite hooks or wooden or anything like that.....I love yarn yarn yarn!! LOL I also love flavored teas and stuff

I am really looking forward to joining this site, thanks Lesa, check her out
Swap Swap Gals

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Caroline said...

Welcome to Swap Swap Gals! Looks like you had a great holiday season! Happy New Year!