Friday, August 01, 2008


Wow it was really hot out today......the heat index made it dangerously hot today, so I kept the boys inside. I had been sitting out on the porch, but started sweating within a minute or two, and that is just too hot for me. My dad got stung by several bees on his foot yesterday and I must say his foot is looking rather gross right seems to be getting bigger and bigger each time I look at it. :(

Anyway we ran to walmart to fill some pain meds for him, and that was enough being outside for me....I spent the rest of the day inside watching a movie with the boys and resting while crocheting too. I am currently working on a doily, that I am trying to finish up tonight.

I am going to start back on it here soon.

They say the heat this weekend will be pretty bad as well, but hopefully if the weather is right, we are in for a bit of a cool down by late next week. I HOPE

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Chars said...

Stay safe and cool -I love your new blog format - where do you get the templates?