Thursday, July 31, 2008

Birthday Update

Well AJ had his 11th birthday Monday. We took him out to eat that night, and had his party Tuesday. He had a lot of fun. We had cupcakes and ice cream, actually the little dixie cups, this makes it so much easier. We also did a bbq of hamburgers and hot dogs and just had chips to go with it. It rained most of the day, so we had to bbq on the front porch. The boys had that play sand all over the porch, and I ended up just sweeping it off to the ground. I was not going to let it back in the house with dirt and stuff from the porch. AJ enjoyed having friends over and playing. We did cupcakes and ice cream first then presents so we could all visit while the food was cooking. This is AJ and Amanda.......I have known this beautiful girl since she was just a toddler, She is in high school now. Boy crazy, and reminds me of myself. LOL
My handsome Aiden and mommy...........I could not get AJ long enough to pose with me for the camera! :(
This was the Indiana Jones cupcake cake we ordered. AJ loved it and so did everyone else.

AJ in front of his presents..........we actually took two videos, one of him opening presents and the other of him blowing out the candles, so then my camera was full...........we just got so busy chatting and visiting, that I never did install them on the computer so I could take more pictures.

I am hoping for Fall to come early for us, this heat is just awful. I took the boys with me to enroll AJ in Middle school..........Aiden was a bit anxious, but nothing too much..........AJ is nervous, we found out that most of the school supplies from the list are stuff the school gives out to every student on the first day of school, they give them the agenda, and a huge 3 ring binder with most of the stuff in that. I bought him a rope backpack, a smaller version of a backpack, they say this will be easier for them to carry between classes, and we could have bought this anywhere, but it was only ten dollars and had the school name on it. Plus AJ wanted a t-shirt, he can wear this with his uniform pants instead of the polo shirt sometimes. So in total, all I had to pay was 35 dollars, which was not bad, he also got his student i.d. He will need to carry this with him at all times. He starts August 13th, I think for half a day. He will have to wake up a lot earlier this time around then in elementary, the bus will be there at 6:45 am to pick him up.

I am nervous for him too..............but I am hoping he likes it and will do well. He will get a tutor after school 2 days a week for math, I wanted him to do this, so he can be more comfortable with this subject.

I have the boys appts with the Dentist next week and the drs as well for AJ. The school didn't say he needed it, but when he left elementary they gave a card saying he will need the dr to fill out forms when you have a child entering 6th grade.

I use to go to this middle school, and it sure brings back memories to me.

Aiden is sleeping in the living room, he was watching a movie and fell asleep, and AJ is playing in his room. I am going to go work on some crochet now.

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