Saturday, January 24, 2009

Crocheting my Way Into Sanity!!

I did this snowman potholder for a lady in Crochet Swap Buddies, Margaret. I asked her if she wanted a functional one or a decorative one. She chose a decorative one. Looking at this picture I realized I forgot his nose!! LOL
In Margarets box, was the snowman potholder, the Min pin Ami dog and some 12" squares, I thought she would like this flower girl! She did, and she did come out really cute.
In my group, Amigurumi Swaps & More, I had a "Guess what I am" challenge, and April won the challenge, the prize was an ami of my choice, and she could choose WW yarn, or Cotton Yarn, and she chose the cotton yarn in bright colors, these were the only colors considered "bright" that I could find........I knew she like Food Ami's, and originally I made a half dozen of eggs in a carton, but it was "taken" So I made this sundae/cheesecake I really liked how this came out, and so did everyone in my family, but I was not going to make anything else. LOL April got the package today and she liked it too. She has it on a cake plate.......looks really yummy on there.
Here are 20-6" squares that I sent to Carol for the Victory Junction Gang Camp. The charity is being hosted in Crochet_Swaps_Galore January and February. I will be sending her another set of 20. I am doing bright yellow and orange for this round. If anyone reading this would like to donate squares let us know. they are looking for 6" or 12" squares in bright "primary" colors.......I know this charity is also being done on Crochetville, so you can also check it out there.

My Saturday went pretty good..........We all went out to Chinese for lunch and had a nice lunch, even my mom got out to go too......even though it was bitterly cold out!! At least the wind was not blowing as much as yesterday. We came home and I got caught up online and then after awhile started getting dinner ready, we had homemade fried rice and egg rolls, Aiden loves rice! LOL A friend came over for awhile and took my thread yarn to get some colors for a cross-stitch project he is doing. Which makes me want to get out some projects that have been on the back burner for quite some time now.

I also got my closet cleaned out.........which I have been putting off for a few weeks now........finally decided tonight to get it done, one less thing for me to worry about.

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