Monday, January 26, 2009

Tired and Frustrated

Aiden has been sick for some time now...first it started in December with him having a nasty cold, to the point that his lips would swell up and break open. I have never seen his lips swell up so much. Anyway it seemed to go away, but then came back within a week, and I just thought that it never really went away, just eased up and was finishing out its' course....well it kept coming back and we are into January and still the symptons of a cold, and fever I took him and they said he had a sinus infection and gave him medicine to take twice a day for 10 days. Well a week later, it got worse....this time a nasty cough, I mean he was coughing constantly it seemed, and he would be up most of the night miserable trying to breathe and not cough so back to the dr, and they ruled out asthma. Gave him more medicine saying his nose was draining down the back of the throat. Ok after a few days he seemed to be getting better......last night he fell asleep around 9 but woke up an hour or so later, feeling ok....but saying he was I finally went to bed, and he tossed and turned and would cry a bit, so he came and laid down with me, and every so often he would stiffen up, shake and cry a bit......I just didn't realize the time, but it was 5 am!! So I turned on the light and asked him if anything hurt, he said his ear did and was pulling at gave him some tylenol and he still could not get to sleep, so I let him get up and he had some cereal......and cried some more......but finally fell asleep after 7 am!!! YEP you read that right.....neither of us got to sleep until after 7 am this up around 11, he got up about an hour after that, feeling pulling at his ear.....but I will see how it goes tonight. I am so tired my eyes are a blur. LOL I am making chicken noodle for dinner as we all seem to have the crud......

I am almost done with my Egg Heads....I have "me" done and the boys......just to do the wall and grass now, which I will get to tonight. I tested two patterns for Tiffany last night and they are really cute, will post pictures soon, once I ask her if its ok.

So hopefully tonight will be better. The weather says we might get a bit of snow.....I want more than a "bit" LOL


Crafty Christina said...

Sorry to hear your little guy has been sick. Its the worst to see your baby going through all that. I hope he's feeling all better soon. Take care of yourself too and get enough sleep. Hugs!

Caroline said...

I'm tagging you....go to my blog and follow the rules for the 6th picture challege!