Sunday, March 08, 2009

Update Time

Wow I can't believe I haven't updated in awhile. I have been so busy at home, that my online time is limited. LOL Anyway things are ok.........A.J. will start Spring break Friday, so its early this year for him, but he is looking forward to the time off from school. Aiden is doing good too, I need to make him an appt with the eye doctor, he keeps shutting his eyes, not like a blink, but as if you have something in your eye and you close them and then open them again......he does this a lot, and I always check his eyes to see if he has any eyelashes in there or anything else and I don't see anything. He has been doing this for awhile now.

I am working on several crochet projects right this moment though, I am making a plastic bag holder for a swap that is due at the end of this month.

Well this was just a really quick update and I will update more later on and with some crochet work too.

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Life of Purplebttyflies said...

yep its already Spring Break time this year has gone by quick