Saturday, March 14, 2009

Whew what a Week

I had to take Aiden to the eye doctor Wednesday. The last time he had an appt for his first eye exam, he didn't do so well, he would not let the doctor look at his eyes, he kept shutting them and we left and said we would try again. So I made one for him yesterday and explained to him what was going on, and that the dr only wanted to look in his eyes and will use a flashlight. So off we went and he didn't cry, in fact I was reading over his paperwork on the front desk, and I hear this from him, "mommy, I'm handsome!" LOL so I hear laughter around me, and I told him yes you are honey........and the lady of course wants to see him, so he shoves his face up to her......omg how conceited!!! We got to the waiting room, and my butt didn't even hit the chair when a girl around 6 years of age I guess, grabs his hand and says want to come play with me in the play room! LOL he acted all shy at first, but off they went holding hands..........of course not more than a minute later they called us back, and he was sooooo good!!! he let the dr look at his eyes, he said what all the pictures were, and then one was made very small, and Aiden would not say anything.......then finally he said I don't know. LOL But the dr says his eyes are perfect right now.........nothing is wrong, and the "shutting of his eyes" could be from dryness, so he gave me some artificial tears. So I am really glad we go through that appt this time around. This was taken right before we left, I had combed his hair, which I don't do too often in the day with him, as it doesn't cooperate with me. His hair goes all over the place. When he runs, it flops around, it's so funny, and he should get a hair cut, but I just haven't taken him in yet for that.
This was actually taken a week ago, I had an appt that morning, and it was a super warm after our appt we had lunch, and I took Aiden to the park, at first he was not sure he wanted to play since his brother was not there, but I said we would leave, so he stayed and had fun playing.

I love this picture, a windy day, but Aiden looks so darn handsome. I actually got a good picture with AJ, but it's on the camera, and I have not downloaded those yet. Been trying to finish up some crochet.

I got most of my packages that needed to go out mailed, and have one more to mail tomorrow, then another by the end of the month. I also redid my Dragonfly square, I didn't really like how I did the wings before, so I wanted to try something else. So worked on that this week.

AJ has his first soccer game of the season tomorrow, and it's going to be cold out.....all this week it's been cold, and then next week it will be in the upper 60s and 70s....

I am proud of myself, I tried 3 new things with dinner this past week, and they came out really good, I get so tired of just making the same ol stuff the same ol way, so I had chicken out one day this week, and boiled it, and then make a chicken stew, with tomatoes, tomato paste, onions, celery, corn, green beans, and garlic, other stuff too, but can't think of it all right now...came out really really good everyone loved it. Then had hamburger meat out and decided to make an Asian beef Noodle, made with Ramen noodles, frozen vegetables, and man it was good too. Tonight I made Chicken Curry, another really easy and simple dish....chicken, curry powder, onions, garlic, flour, milk and other seasonings, and put that over rice. My father didn't like it, but he doesn't like much nowadays....LOL

Anyway I guess I should get off and get ready for bed.

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Christina Barosko said...

I like the pic of you two at the park. :o)