Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ok this is a really crappy picture with my phone, I think its just the lighting, will take a better one tomorrow, and my camera battery is dead...but anyway I got into another design mood, actually when I first designed the, "Two Dragonflies" square, I had two others in mind, this one and another one that has only just begun. LOL Anyway this one is called, "Dragonflies Around" and AJ helped me come up with that name.
Busy weekend, today was a very nice day, instead of doing laundry, I took the boys to lunch, and then we headed off to Exploration place, where they have a Whale exhibit....which was awesome!! they had skeletons that were huge, these things don't look that big when you see them on tv swimming in the ocean..........anyway we looked around at the other exhibits and then watched a short "finding nemo" type of cartoon in the Cyberdome..........Aiden really liked that, when the light was light enough for me to see his face, it was just lit up and smiling looking at the huge dome. Anyway I really enjoyed this exhibit as I have always loved the ocean and stuff I got some great shots!! of the boys and I anyway they would not allow us to take pictures in the exhibit.
This was actually after we left, and we were in Wal-Mart parking lot.
This is the Indian statue we have close to Exploration place, so we went here and this bridge reminded me of the one in San Fransico. it was really pretty there.
This is AJ and Aiden sitting on the rocks.
This was the boys waiting to see the Movie in the Cyber Dome.

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Ivory Herman said...

Your kids are adorable! That square is absolutely pretty!