Friday, April 10, 2009

Woohoo Pokemon Charizard is done!!!

OMG!! I finished AJ's Pokemon Charizard tonight....I am soooo happy to have him done........I took my time with him, so many pieces to him....lets see let me count 38 pieces to crochet and put together!! LOL I have to say this lady did an awesome job designing him, as she does with all her patterns, if you want to check her work out She is Bizzy Crochet Just click the name to find her. Aiden is posing with Charizard so you get the idea of how big he is.
A side view of Mr Charizard!
This is Aiden's little Alien ship with Alien. he loves it and was flying it around the house tonight.
Well here is Grandpas body....he is still headless, I have his head done, but no facial features yet.........I had to redo his belt loops as I had originally done them in the wrong color. LOL
Took this today of Aiden and I.........I was taking some pictures of some crochet stuff, and he wanted some of here we can see that I am letting my hair grow out.

It was a very cloudy day today, and they said rain......but its actually snowing right now.........will try to post an update this weekend.


Biz said...

Gotta say...He. Is. Awesome!!! Holy freakin' COW...he turned out huge! I love it!! It's like a super huge, super lovable Charizard. Great job, I'm so proud of you!


Christina Barosko said...

You are very good talent. :o)

Chars said...

Your Charizard came out so cute :) LOVE him... I am wondering if my boys are gonna get into Pokemon? My 18yr old would have loved these as he was Pokemon mad..
Congratulations on a job well done. I like the alien ship too :) Its cute!

Life of Purplebttyflies said...

I bet Austin was happy when you finished the Charizard. He looks big :).