Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Mr Aiden here with a Spiderman scooter that had belonged to AJ when AJ was small, we didn't realize we still had this, but apparently my father had put it away in the garage, and AJ found this this Aiden was using it today, and had fun with it...........I took this photo this afternoon. Talk about warmer temps, we had to turn the air on, the temp inside was around 80 degrees, and outside its about was hot in here.
I took this today outside too, I love how the sun shines down through the trees through all the leaves and you the shadows and stuff. We spent a lot of time outside...............Aiden playing on his scooter, and AJ was planting his flower that he got from school today.
now is this not the coolest little jedi boy you have seen?
Well I started Pokemon Lucario Sunday night, and worked on him for about an hour, then a bit more on Monday, and then put him aside last night to finish another strip to my living room afghan...........I have 7 more squares to do to finish one.........but anyway I am working on Lucario tonight and this was him earlier.......I have his arms done too now. Now that "horn" in the middle of his chest is more pointy than the original one was...........the original one looked more like a boob. LOL

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Christina Barosko said...

He is so cute. :o)