Thursday, April 02, 2009

Well I had a rough day........I got up and did nothing, but spend some time with Aiden, then after lunch, I had told my father that he needed to help me get the washer and dryer pulled out, so I could clean and vacuum up all the dust bunnies and find out if the hoses were kinked in the washer as it hasn't been working right.....dryer has not been drying well he did that and we found a ton of junk clogging the hose to the washer and in the little screened we got that cleaned out and I told him to help me vacuum the hold that the dryer hose goes into to vent outside..........well was clogged big time, so he went outside and it was clogged there, but nothing on the ground, so down to the basement we went, took the wall off to the crawl space under the dryer and man........was it filthy........the pipe or whatever that the dryer vented down into and then outside was not connected the dryer had vented down in the crawl space, it was eery looking with all that dryer lint, I mean it was all over everything, the cords, the floor, gross!!! so he pulls out the pipes to clean and put back together, then the fun part of getting all the dryer lint swept and wiped up and out of there, a whole 30 gallon trash bag full......lord knows how long that was like that, I am just glad we decided to do this now.............its done, and hopefully no more problems with that. I had to sweep up the kitchen and dining room as the boys and my dad kept tracking that stuff everywhere...........I was so happy to get into the shower!!

AJ got to play with Chris too a bit today, and they kept trying to say they were going to help clean down there, but I knew they just wanted to play.

AJ is done with math testing at school......he said that nothing really stumped him but a couple of questions, so hopefully he did well on them. May is the last month of school, I can't believe how fast this school year has gone.......
I started on my squares for the living room afghans............will do them at the same time, so one square done for the couch and one square done for the love seat.....wooohoo huh? LOL I will also start an ami for Aiden tonight too. I think I will start on the little space ship with alien, I have to admit this is way too cute for any sci-fi fan, so I will be making one for me..........and a few other people.

My chest is hurting tonight, so I am going to go relax and work on some squares, I want to get at least one strip done for both.

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