Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Crochet picture update.

This was taken today after I finished the face for Aiden's Pokemon Pichu....he loves this one too, and was super excited when I was done......I actually finished it yesterday, but did the mouth today.......he carried this and Squirtle all over today.
Another shot of Pichu
This is an Ami Guinea pig I made for an ami swap, and I went through a couple of patterns before giving up and doing this one...the other patterns I did had too many mistakes and just were not coming out right.
I did this Snoopy for a Cartoon Ami swap and I did not want to part with him.......I love the Charlie Brown cartoons, and this was just so cute.
Austin planting the flower he got for me at the Mothers Day weekend special.
and Mr Aiden planting the flower he got.
I did this Pokemon for Aiden recently, and he loved it, and it did come out really cute.


DaCraftyLady said...

those are so cute...and they look great just like them.. :) You did a wonderful job

Caroline said...

Love the pokemon and that guinea pig....toooo cute!!! Loved the pics of your guys planting flowers.