Wednesday, May 06, 2009


I just had a rotten day Tuesday........AJ would not stop bugging me about stuff, and it was really driving me mad........He ended up being fine the rest of the night, but then it seemed to be Aiden's turn to drive me mad. LOL They finally got to sleep and I caught up with some online stuff. I just put some clean clothes away, got my bed made and have started on Grandma.........She is another crochet project I have to do for Margaret, she needs her in July, and I am also doing two of everything with this one as my mom wants a set, then another grandpa for my mom too.

I have found more pokemon patterns, that both boys are bugging me to make. UGH......I hope later today is better. The sun is coming out, maybe that will help everyone to settle down. LOL

I made pork chops in the slow cooker Tuesday with mushrooms, onions, mushroom soup, seasoning and potatoes, and it came out really good, everyone ate it all..........

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