Sunday, July 05, 2009

Sunday Dinner

Something new here on Sunday's, I remember growing up, that my mom would always make a "big" dinner for Sunday...........well not really big, but something like stuffed chicken, or something a bit more elaborate then the rest of the I would love to hear from other bloggers on what their Sunday Dinner's are like. What are you having?

Today I am making Meat loaf, stuffing, and corn on the cob.....I wanted boiled potatoes, but we don't have any! can't believe I never noticed we didn't have any. LOL the Meat loaf is one I have never made, you can find the recipe here

We are about to set off the rest of the fireworks from last night, which we had a great time, had friends over, we all went swimming in the pool, and bbqed and set off fireworks........I wanted to take pictures, but just never got around to it, battery from camera was charging, and I just forgot about it. I think I did try to get a few, and will post them tomorrow or later tonight. I am so tired and want an early night for myself and the boys......I have been running ragged all week and weekend, and I am sooo ready for a more relaxed, normal week. Wish me luck with that one. LOL

Not much in the crochet right hand is really middle finger is where most of the pain is then it shoots down into my hand..........I want to work on some tonight. I have dinner started already.

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Tina said...

I just made meat loaf a couple of nights ago. I will have to check out that recipe. I cut my finger on the grater making mine. :( (I'll survive, though...) :P