Thursday, July 30, 2009

Party Time

AJ turned 12 on Tuesday, and here are some of his presents.......I did the easy way out, by putting everything in bags, and wrapped only two.........It was super fast and easy for me who does not like to wrap!! I suck at it. The day was soooo busy, and I had to run around looking for things, and finally made it home to finish up the macaroni salad for the bbq. We had a very noisy house for most of the night. We did the presents first, then cake, or vice versa, LOL I don't remember. AJ calls that old age!!! he is so grounded for that comment! :D Anyway he opened everything very quickly and loved everything.
With a Star Wars Lego sets, I have lost count how many times I have said I would not buy another lego set like this, but I end up buying them anyway. He and his friends love them. I hate them, and so does my vacuum.
Ok this is a Pokemon Emerald game made for Advance DS an old game if you ask me.........but guess how much? $40!!! I called a used game shop since I could not find it new and asked if they had it and how much, well she said if they had it it would be 40 dollars, so I told her it was for Advance, and she laughed at me saying she knows!! LOL its apparently a super popular game..........the guy who sold it to me at the shop, said he is 20 and still plays this game. LOL Well so much for me thinking AJ and his friends were getting too old to like Pokemon!!!
Mr Goober!! the gren bag was for him...........I had to get him something too
Passed out from too much fun???? Yeah right!!! this is him teasing me. I thought, "oh yeah he fell asleep......woohoo" LOL until he jumps up and laughs.......I get tortured by my kids!!

My best friend made the cake and this is a pokemon ball or was so yummy.........that ball part was actually up from the rest of the cake.

More toys!!!

With his friend and little brother.........

This is the Pokemon I made Aj this week, a Driffloon.........he wanted the colors reversed.

This is the Mystery CAL remember the picture earlier in the week? Well this is it, a piggy....he is cute, and AJ wanted his arms to be that way.

Anyway the party was a lot of fun, and we ended up having to get pizza for dinner along with chicken nuggets...........the hamburgers were very nasty, I don't think they were even meat..........LOL omg I will never buy that kind again. I usually don't buy premade hamburgers, I will get the 93/7 ground meat and make them up but I thought this would be faster. UGH nasty nasty!!!

My right knee is killing me...........I got to relax most of yesterday, I was sick all day and so I laid on the couch most of the day and night. Today was a bit better, but still feeling icky, but did take the boys swimming with some friends............I had promised them they could all go, and Megan wanted us to go we followed her out there to a new Ymca, and I was not impressed they wanted 14 dollars for a lock..I had forgotten way I told her they were 3 dollars at the store...........that was outrageous for them to ask such a high price for a little Aiden and I had to walk to the van and lock my purse and phone out there............we had fun, but didn't swim long it was a bit chilly. We came home and had lunch, and I have been relaxing. I have had a full week of errands, visiters, and friends over, that I am tuckered out and looking forward to a relaxed day tomorrow and a relaxed weekend.


Mel said...

Sounds like a successful par-tay!!!

Crafty Christina said...

Happy Birthday AJ! Looks like an awesome time!