Friday, July 24, 2009

WOW Away for a bit.

Aiden showing off a boo boo he got on the 4th of July, he fell down the back steps, luckily he kinda slid down, but landed face first on the patio, he didn't cry, but got a boo boo. He was kinda proud of showing it off and "acting" out how he did it. WE had a blast that day, had friends over for a bbq and a swim in the pool......set off some fireworks

I had taken the boys to Exploration place last month, and they have a dinosaur exhibit and these are baby eggs. The boys had a lot of fun

My handsome Aiden and mommy

Well I am in a bit of a crochet slump.......I don't know why.....I know part of it is just being too busy.......I am always having something to do around the house, and also trying to spend time with my boys, I am getting frustrated and I also feel guilty when I do feel that way. I do everything in this house, and with my mom getting worse and worse everyday, I feel like maid, cook, nurse, babysitter, and less and less of a mom....I hope that makes sense. I think my mom is getting Alzheimer's, she went to take a shower last night and said she forget what she uses to take a shower and was heading for the kitchen, and when I asked her where she was going, she said to the bathroom to take a shower.......its so many other things, and its scary.......I am afraid to leave the house, afraid everytime she tries to get up.....afraid everytime she goes to the bathroom, I am afraid to go to sleep.......I am sooooo stressed, I am trying really hard to stay positive especially for my boys.......I don't want them to feel left out, and I think that maybe Aiden is....he has been potty trained now, and doing really well, but the past week he has been having accidents in his underwear everyday. He never had them I am trying to not get upset about that, and hope that he stops doing that.

School is right around the corner, AJ starts school on August 17th, and I still have not gotten any enrollement forms, which really upsets me, everyone else has gotten them from their schools, and so far nothing for us......really aggravates me as I will now have to shop in the crowds for school supplies. :(

I went grocery shopping Sunday and got even more depressed at how much Wal-Mart is raising their prices. They are changing the look of the packages too, why should the customers have to pay for that change. Anyway I am tired, need to go work on some crochet for Aiden, he wants a Mario mushroom.


Caroline said...

I hear you about WalMart! Wassup with the new packages? It also seems everytime i start using a new product and like it they discontinue it!!! Hang i there with your mom. We are at a similar stage with DH's dad. Take time out for you when you need it (easier said then done, LOL) Yippee for Aiden and potty training!

Tina said...

I am sorry about your Mom. I was going to tell you, our six year old STILL has 'accidents'. I think they just get so busy playing they don't want to stop and go to the bathroom. (I remember my younger brothers doing that, too..) I hope you can get some time to yourself to relax. (Re: Walmart~~ I am about ready to shop somewhere else, the prices will be about the same pretty soon.)