Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Beating the Heat!!

I featured this in my Crochet in Common group...........I thought I would post it here as well. Heat is just too much today.

Got the summer blues? How do you try to stay cool in the summer months and especially those days that are like sitting in an oven set up to 500? How much does your electric bill go up during the summer? do you keep your thermostat set to a certain temp no matter what the temp is outside? What steps do you take if you don't have air?

It seems that no matter what you can't get away from the heat......turn on the tv and you will certainly hear about some state going through a massive heat wave..........then you will start hearing those so called "experts" telling us that this is the world now, and it will only get worse.........and that it is called this and that. Well in my opinion, we can't change the will always be around for those of us who live in areas where the heat just loves to play with our heads......LOL..........I don't mind warm temps. I love to go swimming, but I don't like stepping outside in such awful heat that it feels like it is slapping you in the face and making it very hard to breathe........that is what today feels like.......the weatherman says it is about 100 degrees out here in Kansas today...but with out heat index it feels like 115 out there.......ok hello??? can you say dangerously hot out.........Excessive h eat warning out there right now.......ok so on to the links.....pass this info on to anyone you think could benefit from this.

here are a few links to hopefully make this summer more bearable.

Do you or someone you know run a daycare, or take care of "extra" kids during the summer is one link that will help survive these months a bit cooler.

When our temps go up, remember the advice you hear on the news.....check on your neighbors especially those who are elderly/disabled.......In this day though some people just don't want to answer their door, try leaving some cold water, a fan, knock on the door and tell them you have something to help them cool off and you will leave it on the floor in front of their door..........leave a note telling them who you are and you can come back at a certain time to check on them. Hopefully this will help them out, and what better way to help your kids to realize what doing a good thing can feel like. Start your kids out early in life by teaching and showing them how you can help people out by doing little things........sometimes even saying hi and smiling to someone you don't know can really help you and that person feel better about their day. Try not to wait until a massive heat wave hits to ch eck in on people.

Hopefully you will find something here to help you, family, and friends out.

Stay cool!!!!!!

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Caroline said...

It's sooooo hot up here too!! Thanks for the links, there's some good ideas in there. We spent the day at a neighbor's pool. You could not sit around the pool at all, you had to be in it. Whew!!!