Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Holiday is Over

My holiday was wet and we had to put table and bbq on our front porch because it is covered. Friends showed up.........but one could have just stayed home, she is not a friend, just someone I put up with because her husband is my best friend and also because of the kids.......but it never fails when she is invited, she can't drag herself away from texting or talking on her phone.......or finding a reason to bitch.........she just sits around doing nothing but looking like she has been sucking on lemons. She just ruins everything. I was cleaning up the outside porch, had a trash bag there, that was within a few inches of her, and what does the twit do??? Holds her paper plate and trash in my face waiting for me to grab it and throw it away!! I was so pissed!!! and I am really trying not to yell in front of the kids at her, so I just let it go........then her son was standing in front of me and he was throwing his stuff away, but taking the silverware off and going into the house, and she asks him what he was doing, and he said to go to the kitchen to put the silverware in the sink and she says no you can just leave it there.............OMG!!! yeah just like a kid leave your trash and dirty dishes laying around, because it is Aurora's job to pick up!!!! I could have just slapped her right there!!!!! How dare that.......ok nevermind...........anyway I get EVERYTHING picked up.......go to the kitchen to throw stuff away in there, load dishwasher, wash the dishes that didn't fit.........clean the counter tops........sweep the floor, then clean up the dining room that also had food and stuff.........all while she sat on her butt!!!! She came in twice to "stare" at me asking me if I was having fun.......I said, no it is never fun having to clean up..she walks away!!! I hate her!!! My son asked me if her son could spend the night and she says nothing.....cuz she always wants to get rid of her kids........she will let them spend days on end here........but I said no because I am tired and want a quiet he asks if he could spend the night, and she doesn't even let him finish his sentence......she just gripes out a rude, "NO".........but she never says no to other people and their kids. I am threw with being nice to her.......Even my son asked why she always says no. Anyway........I talked to Scott later that night and told him she was no longer welcome in my home. I don't mind him and the kids coming, but not her, she has just done this too many times.........she comes over, has no problem drinking my stuff, eating my food, yelling at people for no reason, but can't use that same energy to help clean up after herself. I am done!!!

Hopefully next holiday celebration will be better. The kids did have fun, and they got to set off the fireworks.....we had a friend from across the street come over to watch with her son........we ate watermelon, and enjoyed the show.......Nando and AJ ended up setting them all off.....with my dads help though. So it ended up being a good night.

We have been getting a lot of rain.....and yesterday it slowed down a bit, but it looks like the rain could come pouring down any minute now.

I am going to go crochet, I am working on a graduation doll for a lady who wants it for her niece, then will work on swap stuff.

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